Deleted Files on iPad with VexCode

Several of my students are having problems with their VexCode program being deleted on their iPads; even with they use “Save As” and store it on iCloud. Other students have no issues at all. A

Any ideas or suggestions? Could this be related to our school WiFi?

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I am having the same issue.

Any ideas why it deletes some students but not others? Is the local WiFi involved with this, & coul dmaybe be an issue?

I don’t think so. We did have to open up a port so that my students could download their code to the brains but it’s so random that it seems like it’s a glitch to me. I had some issues with saturation last year but it hasn’t been an issue since we switched to IQ blocks.

We’re currently investigating this issue but having a hard time reproducing it to narrow it down. If you’d like to PM me with your email addresses, I’d be happy to follow up via email to see about running a separate build with more logging details.

We are also having this issue. @tfriez sending you a pm.

We’ve added a lot of new logging functionality into the new 1.0.8 version of the app (currently under review with Apple)… once this new build is pushed out to devices, please use the “Feedback” tool and note that you’re experiencing lost project data on iOS and we’ll be able to see all of the file I/O transactions between Blocks and iOS in the log to determine the root cause of this issue.

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We have been having the same issue at our school. The “workaround” we have found is after students are done programing and they have saved their project is open a new blank project before putting the iPad away for the day. That way when they open the iPad next time it deletes the blank project instead of their real project.

Not the perfect permanent solution but it has helped.


Thanks for doing this. We are back in school and I’ve sent a few of those messages already.

We have been having the same issue and I had posted a similar question. However late last night, after really digging into it I think I realized what our problem was. Our kids were saving their coding programming and then shutting out of the app. When they went to go reload their program, they were hitting the rectangle in the middle (that says Vexcode blocks). It looks like it would be an open button and from what some of my kids said, on other programming apps it is an open button. However, in Vex IQ blocks it is essentially a SAVE AS button. So the kids were opening the app (so it just has the when starting block) and hitting that rectangle. It would open to their files and they would select their coding file. However, what happened next is they were essentially writing over the code in the saved file (their coding they saved) with the coding that was on the screen when the app opened (which is only the when started block). So it appears that the program did not save their file when it “opens”, but what is really happening is the are overwriting their saved file with a blank coding. To open a file, they need to go to the file button on the left hand side and open it from there. I think the kids (and some of us adults) were assuming the rectangle in the center (that says vexcode blocks)was an open file link when it actually is essentially a save as link. We trialed this several times last night and it seemed to solve our issue, so I am curious if it is the same for others who have had similar issues. Let me know if I need to explain what I am saying better.

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