Delivery of Next Year's Game Pieces

Hi All,

I want to run a summer camp this summer to help students get involved in Vex and to earn funds to help our teams compete next year. We want to use next year’s game pieces for the camp, so that our teams get a ‘running start’ at the competition. What would be the earliest we could get the game pieces? I know the game will be announced at World’s, which will really excite the kids, but when, typically, do the first sets ship?


Curtis Nielson
Team 10950
The Nutty Robots

I’m fairly certain I ordered them as soon as they were available last year and that I got them sometime mid-summer-late-summer.

Last year, I’ve got the bankshot balls in May already, though I don’t remember if the rest of the field elements were available yet…
At least I do have a picture of the ball corrals (part of the field elements kit) that I got from someone on Jun/12 so the kit must have been available around the time the school ended…

Sometimes delivery has been delayed in past years. So while it is announced in April, the receipt of the game can be much later.

Also, event Partner discount codes are typically weeks later as well. So you can order full price up front. More of an issue in VRC than IQ.

I hope we can pick up full field kits at worlds this year and take them home.

I ordered my Crossover kits on Saturday morning after the unveiling, I got it within a week. So, order fast! If you get it from a distributor they can get it to you quickly as well.

We definitely have them in stock for immediate shipping at the Robot Mesh website: