Delmarva Screwgate Classic 2023

Before I leap through the “register a classic” loops, need some update if there is interest.

Announcing the first Annual “Delmarva Screwgate Classic” for 2023. Tired of teams beating you with custom made screws out of radioactive materials? Unhappy that Dad Bots driving over you? Finished with people creating bespoke extruded C channel? Done with governments creating a single robot design for all their teams to use?

Created just for you the Annual Delmarva Screwgate Classic presented at the Eye of Sauron theater in Dover Delaware. This exciting two day event for both VRC and VIQ has roboteers from around the world come with their completely disassembled robots. Teams will have each individual component examined from the largest C channel to the last thin washer to make sure each and every component is exactly to specification. Roboteers will then be assigned a build inspector that will monitor the rebuilding and reprogramming of the robot using only official VEX hand tools and their engineering notebook.

Of course this is all under the watchful Eye of Sauron that will be all seeing and all knowing and will serve as the Judge Advisor for the build sessions. Parents, coaches, mentors, etc will not be allowed in the pit area during construction. No internet access will be available and the Eye will know if you are using an illegal hotspot.

Added awards this year are:

  1. Best Pit Component Storage
  2. Teamwork building the robot (not just one builder)
  3. Elapsed time build
  4. Component to build time ratio award
  5. Least amount of swear words and team fights

After construction and inspection for measurement sizing teams will be able to do skills runs.

The second day is a standard VEX tournament with the exception that all robots are to undergo size inspection before each match.

Food will be available at the following times on both days.

  • Breakfast - 7 a.m.
  • Second Breakfast - 9 a.m.
  • Elevenses - 11 a.m.
  • Luncheon - 1 p.m.
  • Afternoon Tea - 3 p.m.
  • Dinner - 6 p.m.
  • Supper - 9 p.m.

Reminder all spare parts must be inspected before they enter the pits. Coaches and Mentors found with contraband parts will be removed from the theater by our Orc support staff.

If you would like to be an inspector, please contact me. (We need one for each team) Each inspector gets to keep their digital micrometer as thanks for being imbedded with each team for two days.


I’m very confused. This feels like it is all a joke, right? Or are you actually hosting a tournament where teams build robots from scratch?


This has to be a joke. You can win an award for not swearing and fighting and there’s a designated tea time.


Obviously the whole thing isn’t true. But I am unsure if they is an element of truth in it. After all, it isn’t classified as chit chat rumor mill.


There is no date or other information attached and reeks of sarcasm…


I assume that these micrometers will be calibrated after every match by no fewer than two National Laboratories, and that an independent roving inspector council will check the inspectors.

After all, with being embedded with a team for two days, collusion and/or blackmail are not out of the question, given that much time for familiarity.


I assume teams will also need to program their robots from scratch, will C++ reference books be provided to the teams or will teams need to bring their own? (Which will go through a TSA scanner to avoid contraband being smuggled in, I’m sure)



I always dream of RECF having a Ri3D category during worlds.


Good point on the C++ manual. Each team will be supplied a guide like this for C++

Or this for Python

To keep the programming field level. I’ll need people to work on a similar document for the brain APIs. (V1, V2 IQ and V5 VRC)


ily foster :roll_eyes:


But how about the laptops? We don’t want any teams to bring in a super computer.


It’s @Foster , you never know.

super important for those of us who are British.


If anything it is a step back to the true roots of vrc and a modern twist on the all time classic MIT 2.70.

Course 2.70 Introduction to Design Competition—Woodie Flowers (1981) - YouTube

At the entrance to the competition each team will be given a brown paper bag with the Chaotic Kit of Materials selected by out AI driven robotic overlords.

At the exit, only those teams that successfully complete the task, will be let out. That’s why a healthy nutritional menu is so important for the teams that get stuck there for multiple days or weeks.

I am 100% with @Foster on that :wink:


MIT 2.70…. Where it all begins…

Or we can do a Squid Game style? Complete the task to get your next meal or an extra motor…


Would love to have this in Taiwan in fact. Dad bots are absolutely rampant here.


Is this for Both IQ and VRC recourse from what I am reading it sounds like only VRC. Also can’t seem to find airports in Delaware.How will teams get there?

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If there are no airports near Delaware that begs the question why is there a tea time. Unless there is a large British population in Delaware that I am unaware of.


Oh come on… even cricket match has tea-break…


Brilliant, now lets hope the intended audience takes note……I’m not convinced they will but one can hope….