Delrin Motor mounts

Issue: When using direct drive, structure needs to be placed on the outside of the wheel for the collar to press against to keep the wheel and axle from falling out of the clutch. This can be avoided by using a collar instead of a clutch if the team chooses but this may not be the best of solutions.


A delrin block with two screw holes and an axle hole with an area machined out of the side with the axle hole would allow for the motor to be mounted to the structure using two longer motor mount screws while providing room for a collar to be attached to the axle immediately outside the clutch and before the structure. This would effectively keep the axle from slipping out of the clutch.

If a better diagram would make this clearer, please let me know and I’ll sit down with Photoshop tonight.

How about this: for a simple solution …

yeah also you could just cut the ones that we have now and sand them down nicely if you don’t want the extra length on it.

i think this is another example of “it would be nice” but the luxury of having it made for you doesn’t add up to the price to make it and package it and everything.

I really don’t like the friction of the collar against the structure, especially if it’s a part of the structure roughed up by previous nuts. (See examples to the left of the motor in the photo.)

I agree with the “luxury of having it made for you” but I’m at a loss when it comes to simple items made of Delrin for competition bots. From a certain perspective, allowing scouts to make their own blocks out of Delrin has it’s appeal. On the other hand, it could be a serious advantage for some teams and a disadvantage for others.

Maybe it would be worth stacking a couple mounts to keep something between the collar and the structure and just using some longer screws (assuming using a longer screw would even be legal).

The more I think about it, building my own out of two regular mounts seems to be the best overall solution. Or maybe I should just shove some delrin bearings into the mix.

Thanks! :smiley:

i am saying that you could take a normal one and simply sand off the extra hole on it if it will get in the way. otherwise you could always just do what is shown above in the link and leave one hole just sitting there.

also the best way in my opinion to mount wheels is inside two chassis rails so there is support on both sides of the wheel making the connection very strong. when you do this there is always room to put in a collar so this problem doesn’t occur

I usually use two rails on the inside spaced a few holes apart for the stability, that what the wheels are quite stable but also don’t have something outside them.

yeah that is what i do too maybe i was kinda unclear.

Thanks for using my picture!:slight_smile: I sometimes do that and keep the collar from rubbing by putting a washer there. It works pretty well and it does a good job of keeping on the holonomic wheels on for me.