Delta II | 15 Questions Our Team Needs Help With

I have a ton of questions that need to be answered;

  1. Can your robot be supported by the field perimeters as long as the hanging pipe touching the robot?
  2. Does 2 robots with one that blocks the bottom of the fences, while the other scores count as defensive strategy?
  3. Can we use the black license plates with flags?
  4. Can you have your robot reach across the other side as long as you’re not touching the enemy robots or obstacles?
  5. Are robots’ drivetrain allowed to be outside of the field as long as an arm or something is touching the mats?
  6. Is it legal to compress the cubes to push under the fence?
  7. Can your robot touch the neutral zone (The center line) as long as it’s not touching the enemy tiles?
  8. If your alliance pushes you off of the hanging bar, could that be a penalty specifically to their team?
  9. Is it legal to latch onto your alliance if it’s purposeful?
  10. Is a wallbot illegal due to it’s blocking?
  11. Is playing music from a VEX speaker during autonomous allowed?
  12. Is playing music from your robots with a bluetooth speaker allowed?
  13. Is it legal for 2 seperate robots to communicate TO eachother via light or sound? (AKA two robots that communicate to each other during auton)
  14. Can you add more lexan if it’s only for decoration? (AKA for a logo of some sort)
  15. Are you allowed to bring a tri-pod with a GoPro to matches to record?
  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. No
  4. Yes
  5. Probably not
  6. Probably
  7. Yes
  8. Not illegal, but up to refs discretion
  9. I think so
  10. No
  11. As long as it’s okay with your local refs
  12. No (bluetooth is not allowed)
  13. Yes
  14. Back it with vex legal material just to be safe
  15. Probably, again check with your local refs.

Disclaimer: not official etc.

K, thanks :slight_smile:

In regards to your #12, can you put a portable speaker on your robot wired to an iPod? I know you can have an iPod, I’ve done it, but the music idk.

A nonvex speaker of any kind is illegal, that Q&A was actually my first forum post ever.

  1. Not sure actually.
  2. Yes
  3. No
  4. Yes as long as you don’t touch the floor tiles on the other side.
  5. Don’t think so
  6. Yes, I think so
  7. Yes
  8. Not sure what the penalty would be if your own alliance partner pushes you off the hanging bar.
  9. Yes
  10. No
  11. Yes, at referee’s discretion
  12. No
  13. I don’t think so, the only communication allowed is VEXnet from your controller to the robot
  14. Non-functional decoration is allowed
  15. At referee’s discretion

But it’s not hooked up to the cortex. It’s a “non functional decoration” ish.

If it’s not hooked up to the cortex, it’s got to be powered by something, and that would have to be an extra battery. Even if they’re fully non-functional, it has been ruled illegal many times to use any batteries beyond the allowance in the manual.

Our bluetooth speaker has its own battery, and it has the ability to not be bluetooth. So would it be illegal if connected to an iPod if it’s wired connection?

In a match yes.

Speakers cannot be considered nonfunctional decorations as per this ruling:

  1. well go pros can be on your robot as long as they do not affect the match…

Ok, gotcha! :slight_smile:

There’s nothing in the rulebook about placing a massive sound system behind the drivers and having someone play obnoxious sounds at opportune times from there. Like in the latest Mad Max movie the guitar player on the front of the vehicle or Apocalypse Now helicopters playing Wagner on the way into battle. Robot bagpipers anyone?

The sounds would not be emanating from the robot which I think was your initial goal. I envision a big wall of speakers playing sounds loud enough to push the air and knock the stars off the wall.

Well, except for common sense and common courtesy so the event organizers may DQ you just because. Just don’t be that guy.

The key term that sticks out for me is “Bluetooth” - no wireless communications beyond VEXnet is permitted.

1 Can your robot be supported by the field perimeters as long as the hanging pipe touching the robot?

It probably wouldn’t count as “hanging” then, would it?
At most, it is a low-hang, since it has to be above the plane of the perimeter to be high hang.

Its not lawyer talk or tax loopholes.
The intent is hanging from the hanger bar, (just like last year intent was lifting).

It might be a low hang, but I have a sneaking suspicion that rule will be adjusted to ban field perimeter support for hangs in the next game manual update.

Here’s the reference…

No mention of field perimeter in the Q&A nor the definitions. You would most likely be below the plane of the top of the field perimeter somewhere. Just touch the pole and not the tile, and it is a hang of some type.

As for field perimeter, I am almost certain it will be made illegal, considering that the field perimeter isn’t designed to support the weight of robots. For the same reason that “grappling” isn’t allowed, I think the rules will be clarified to prevent teams from accidentally damaging the field by putting too much weight on it.

Didn’t we have a thread about the enormous amount of vibrations you would have to create to do this? XD