Delta II Coming Soon...

We have released our Delta II team logo, and will be soon
releasing our reveal of our next year’s robot after summer.
Our YouTube Channel:

We were from the middle school division and will be soon moving up
to the high school division. We should bring a fairly good challenge
to all the good teams like Robonauts and FloydX(Future Floyd).

Here are some Q&A’s:

Q:How many years of experience?
A:One year of experience.

Q:Why do we care?
A:You should, we placed a big challenge and nearly made it to
nationals for the High-School division too. Technically we
actually qualified for High School Nationals, but we chose not
to go.

Q:Why not keep your last logo?
A:To show that we are active on YouTube, SoundCloud, twitter,
Instagram, and Facebook.

Q:How do you know what next year’s competition is?
A:Well, we will know next week, because next week is when the
new competition will be released.


Can’t wait to see what new talent you guys can bring to the high school division next year!


Seconded. Hard to believe you guys are rookies, given what I’ve seen you do this year.

Thanks, I appreciate that!