Delta II | Scorpion 3.0 Teaser

Use your imagination to think of how much the robot is capable of carrying, what the robot looks like, how fast it drives, and other details. Just to keep note: The robot is at low battery when recording, so you have to guess the max speed as well :P. Practically every teaser shows most or at least the majority of the robot. And if it shows what the robot is capable of or what it looks like, it truly isn’t a teaser and rather is more close to a reveal. So… I chose to film everything in the dark so you guys can use your imagination of what the robot is capable of.

If you want to see the robot before the reveal, visit 1815D’s pit at Nationals or at Worlds. Enjoy :slight_smile:
Please I’d really like posts that aren’t related to the specs of the robot. It can remove the questioning aspect of the reason of the teaser :]

but can it lift the perimiter…

Yes it can! It is also capable of hovering and flying in mid air, and is capable of flying at 200 miles per hour. Wish I can show you how fast it can move, it just seems to be low on battery :frowning:

but is it waterproof and can it float?

@CATaclysm Delta_II In other words, are you piloting a design for next year’s water game at Nationals/Worlds this year?

I bet it can hold 2 field’s worth of stars and cubes!

Well… Did you see any floor in the video? :wink:

And guess you will! :slight_smile:

@CATaclysm Delta_II #discoleaks Do y’all know when you’re going to do a full reveal?

Currently, at the moment, we aren’t really following the ways of disco. Right now we are doing different methods of rubber band setups, gear ratios, base setup, and motor setup compared to them. But at the moment the disco robots (practically all of them) are different, so I like finding better ways and techniques to improve the robot rather than copying, and just to hint: it actually worked VERY well.

That’s a good question :wink: It’s not given but most probably either after nationals or after worlds.

I know these things! :slight_smile:
Bet it can see next year’s game too.