Delta II | Some of our Matches in the Engineering Division

To anybody wanting to know about Delta II in the Engineering Division, we had an undefeated autonomous that basically nearly clears the field with a single dump. We got two 0’s because 1. We tied one of those matches, and 2. we didn’t run our autonomous during quarter-finals.
We lost 3 qualification matches; 2 wasn’t our fault, and the third one was ours(focused on sp’s). Our quarterfinal matches were unlucky as well. The first match, our team captain team was late to show up, so we placed the weakest teams as well as we rushed to put everything in dimension(which we didn’t pay attention to this one rubber band that got stuck on the fork). The next match, our 9 volt fell off of the robot, and constantly running over the battery burnt out our drive. It could’ve been a simple solution if we we’ve known before-hand, but yet again there’s no redo button for life.
Here’s a video of some of our matches:

If the music is too loud, you can control the volume :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, the only sensor placed and used on the drivetrain was a single gyroscope. No other sensors on the drive were used.
EDIT//: Another thing, has anybody noticed our logo on the back of the monitor every time the qualification matches went to the middle field? :slight_smile:

Cheeky auton, cheeky sticker.

That was a compliment. No h8 m8 <3

Oh okay. I looked up the definition and I must’ve been confused of what you were meaning. My bad xD
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