Delta II | Teaser/Reveal Song Vote

Our robot is nearly finished, all we have to do is get decorations, tamper scripting, and improving reliability. We will be working on the teaser and reveal very soon… But we have some things that need to be discussed; what would be the song choices for them? We have picked a good range of songs for you guys to vote on, and we’d like your inputs. If one of the winning songs is Razihel & Aero Chord - Titans, we will remove the mild swear word.

The songs are numbered from 1 through 7, and if you don’t like any songs, put a 0.
(The Songs For The Teaser And Reveal Must Be Different)
Here’s an example:

Our list of choices are here:

Teaser- 4
Reveal- 1

Thanks for voting! I added those votes to my list.

Teaser- 1


or the other way around… both great songs…

Already done? Wow :stuck_out_tongue: we only just finished our CAD

Alright, added that to my list. :smiley:

Lol yeah… Every school day, afterschool, we spend 2-4 hours working on our robot. We are planning on doing CAD, but since we have almost every VEX part you could think of, we choose to start building right away. We have used CAD here and there, but we are a bit new to it. Here’s one of our CAD’s from our last design notebook;
Screenshot (14).png

It seems like the majority of those numbers are 0, so might as well put a 0. #LOGIC
Note: I added 2 more songs

Time to wait for the reveal

Hey Thomas :smiley: Perfect time to say this… The reveal is coming out on 7/30/16.

You spelled it wrong… :confused: it’s Tamas

Also that’s a pretty long time. Why is that?

Sorry, I have a friend that’s named Thomas… I thought it was him, my bad xD.

I feel bad because I meant to say teaser.
We have a ton of progress, but it seems like we just don’t have enough time to record… Especially when we will be having our teaser be 3-5 minutes and our reveal be 5-7 minutes.
If you don’t think we’re making progress, here’s an abandoned idea we once had a while ago (At the beginning of building):
The lift’s meant to have rubber bands on it, but we were just showing the lift portion (As you see it’s a fairly fast lift). Basically, what happens is the lift extends via rubber bands (Released by pneumatics), then the ratcheted pulley system with 2 motors pull the robot upwards. We won’t be using this idea, so might as well show it.

[This will be the only video of progress until the teaser or reveal]

I was just kidding about the Thomas Tamas thing haha just an inside joke :slight_smile:

To be honest I think you are overthinking the reveal. You don’t have to make it completely perfect as long as you have the robot to back it up :slight_smile:

lol Ok xD

Ok, thanks :wink: Well, I might just consider what you are saying :smiley: I also might post the reveal and teaser earlier, depending on how much time I have. Look out for it coming on the VEX forum. (By the way I put a lot of time into VEX to make a good robot happen)

We used #5 in our NBN reveal but it didn’t seem to quite fit the style of a reveal, so probably not #5.

K, I will keep that in mind :).

That is me :stuck_out_tongue: this is just my username here click on bio and you’ll see :smiley:

Teaser - 4
Reveal - 3

Okay, thanks! I added that to my list. :slight_smile: NOTE: I said that the teaser is coming 7/30/16, and I am making it official the teaser will be on that date. Due to reasons of our robot being copied, we will be posting our reveal MUCH later after summer… MUCH…