Delta II | Teaser Video

Our teaser has officially been uploaded to YouTube, and our robot is about 2 weeks beyond the making of this video. This video was created a while ago, then tampered yesterday. Feel free to ask any questions :slight_smile: :

//Edit: These pictures don’t prove our final robot, it has changed. Expect us to maybe have a different type of robot, and possibly a different drivetrain due to the fact that our first competition is in a long while. We may or may have not done another rebuild :).

I’ll be the first to say the following:


Thanks, we appreciate the support!

From what I can see, you have the following:
6 motor H drive - 4 (speed?) motors on forward w/ 4 inch omni wheels, 2 (speed??) motors on sideways w/ mini omnis. Amazing use of space.
Slipgear catapult at a 9:35 ratio ran by 6 (torque? Speed gives a nearly 1:3 ratio which is inefficient for this many gears) motors.
This leaves the hanging mechanism. How did you do that on the finished product? Just got lucky with the slipgear ratio? :stuck_out_tongue: (I hope so) If you did, where will the last 2 motors/pneumatics go?
TI… 89 Titanium? It’s hard to tell from the color of the plate. That’s a beast calculator though. I love mine.

Anyway, this is a very effective use of motors it seems. Have you tested it yet?

Looks like Ri3d :stuck_out_tongue:

What was your rationale for the H drive as opposed to a 6 motor tank drive like the original Ri3d?

Since this is a teaser, the majority of the questions can’t be answered yet. But here are some that can be answered:
The golden plate is a 3D printed plate that is over a year old, and its says “1815 Delta” It’s hard to see the letters because the iPhone 5’s horrible camera (Note: The reveal will be between 1080p and 4k).

After doing research and rebuilding our robot multiple times, we have went to a conclusion to take an idea from the Ri3d and improve upon them.

Oh nice! I’m excited to see it in action with all the improvements :slight_smile: Let me know how your tournaments go!

The main reason why we chose an H-Drive will be shown during the reveal. Let me just tell you, it moves well!
Another thing to keep in note of: The pictures are a bit outdated, so expect some changes too.

Actually, if I can make it possible, I will be livestreaming our competition that will be going on, so you can truly see how good we are :).

By the way, we aren’t just the only team in 1815, there is a total of SEVEN teams. Some teams that may or may not be better than us now :wink: .

I added an edit to the main post, it’s best to see it before asking any questions :slight_smile: .

HEADS UP: The reveal is in 10 days!
We have made a MAJOR change to our robot in which our robot is better than it was last time, and we are putting EXTREME efforts into making the reveal worth-watching :slight_smile: