Delta III | [TVA]1814D's Reveal Notification Center

(Totally doesn’t sound like an advertisement)
Have you been asking yourself as to where you can find reveals in a central area, be able to get notified when a reveal gets posted in that central area, as well as be able to automatically sort out the reveals with the click of a button in that central area? Well I got the solution for you! Introducing Reveal Notification Center! With this, you will no longer have to dig into the depths of YouTube to find a reveal posted, but instead all(the majority) will be in a centralized area right in front of you! With every post of a reveal video, it will show the type of the robots in that video as well as a rating, in which those ratings can be filtered on a scrollbar on the top of the screen/page! How about that for a change?
I’ll stop now xD
Here’s the link(I’d suggest downloading the app on your phone): (Refreshed)
Until the end of worlds, I will find a reveal on YouTube and post it to the notification center once a day(if there is one that day), in which I will provide my own ratings of the robots. Note, these ratings are my opinion, but if you think your reveal doesn’t agree to my ratings you can comment on that post to request a change in ratings. This is to help make it easier for those trying to find a reveal, as well as it will provide a ground as to where the uploader is in competitiveness. This is also a chatroom so you can be able to chat hand-in-hand with the community in a messaging platform with instant responses, as well as to be able to provide your own opinion of each reveal. Hopefully everyone enjoys! :slight_smile:

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This is a cool idea, and since you said “download it on your phone”, I am wondering, is it on the app store?

Not bad!

Yes it is. You can simply go to the BAND website on your compute, but I highly recommend getting the app for your phone so you can get notified if a reveal gets added out there :slight_smile:

Thank you :smiley: