Delta IV - Iteration 3 Close Up


If anyone has any questions they are wanting to ask, reply below :smiley:


Why did you choose to do caps and not balls/both, it’s relatively easy to create a descorer, even a passive one, basically, how competitive is this bot


Don’t get me wrong tho, it’s very cool



@224x how competitive is this bot

This is arguably the most competitive cap robot in the world, and probably won’t be outdone by more than a handful of worlds teams. :smile: Just sayin’


Awesome, it’s good to see a good cap bot


why did you choose to raise the chassis instead of adding two locked omnis in the middle?


Well done and explained… Being one who “uhmsss” a lot, I could do without the counter… “Uhms” is how I organize my thoughts!!! It is a sign of thinking things through before speaking!


I wanted to challenge myself to build robots that are unique and innovative. My plan is to strive to keep my creativity for the real-world, so I practice and maintain it in VEX :smiley: What made my robot so dominant during this year is not necessarily the fact that it was a cap bot, but because we used a great deal of strategy and scouting to integrate a plan in the next match.

During early season, I have did that before with a 6 wheel drivetrain, but I found the robot to tip every time when trying to climb up the platform. Instead of complaining, I decided to raise the chasis up and make it tilted so my robot can get up on both sides of the robot. We once were allowed to center park from the side with this chasis before, which was cool to watch.

Thank you, :smiley:
I can say “Um” thousands of times a day as I talk, I cannot saying it despite how hard I try not to XD


will we see the code for it in the future?


+1 I would especially love to see the code for the one-button scoring macros. They seem fantastic!


Was the lift motor running on a torque gear cartridge? Also, how efficient was your lift, as in, was the one motor driving the whole thing ever over worked? I was also curious as to how you would do skills, I’ve only ever seen skill runs for flag bots. Lastly, what sensors did you use besides the potentiometer.


If I could I’d give you guys our worlds spot. You undoubtedly have a better robot that us.


Or give me your worlds spot


Or me. I would like that very much.


Let’s not turn this into a spam thread.

But I would like that spot, too…


Awesome, I always want to do this with my bot as well, this year I created an artillery catapult, a passive descorer, and a original cap flipper :+1:


I see what you’re trying to do here…

But I built a working cascade lift that can actually cascade and score caps. We also have a passive puncher and a 6 point auton


This Cascade lift is the most compact I’ve seen, u like the drive, it’s my first bot this seasonScreenshot_20190313-081945Screenshot_20190308-074553


Awesome robot. Keep up the great work !


The lift motor is running off of the 200 RPM cartridges (High Speed), and it worked the entire season :slight_smile: During skills, as a cap bot the max amount of points in a run is 23 (3 low flags, 6 high caps, 2 low caps, center park). I got 22 because I forgot the last high pole.

Thank you so much for the compliment, but since you qualified and I did not I think you’d be the better team :slight_smile:

I love the uniqueness of your design, it looks very structurally sound. It’s very cool to see teams using ideas from previous year games. That drivetrain looks very similar to StarStruck year :open_mouth:

Thank you :smiley: