Delta IV - Iteration 3 Close Up


I wouldn’t be so sure. We are literally just a worse Delta 4 in an easier state to qualify. I was really disappointed when I heard you didn’t qualify.

We cant really talk about this much until we do a reveal :slight_smile:.


Lol, I didn’t even realize, we had a tiny x-drive in starstruck


The bot was going to be modular, the lift was only held on by 2 screws and the support wheels where removable


1814D is the best cap bot in the world hands down. They definitely deserved a ticket to worlds. I’ve always been a fan of creations from 1814, and I’m bummed I won’t see you guys at worlds. Awesome build, very impressive and unique solutions for this years game, like the awesome cap intake. This is my last year of competing, so good luck next year and hoping for the best for you guys! Don’t mess with Texas :wink:


Dont worry about it. I’ll be going to worlds regardless if I qualified or not. I need to help out as many people as possible :smiley:


you know the game is sort of imbalanced when the worlds best cap bot doesn’t make it to worlds…


Yeah, I think stacked caps should be worth 3 points, I think that would rebalance things


^^^ and this is why I like VEX robotics community so much!

Stop by our lowly middle school pit - I am pretty sure they would love feedback about their robot!