Deploying an intake without motors

My team and I are in a bit of a stalemate due to the fact that we can’t come up with ways to deploy our side rollers. We want to have a chamber that holds the intake in place in the beginning but a motor of one of our intakes or our six bar to make it snap to the front. We could easily find a way to deploy if our intake was 90 degrees upwards but since the intake is more than 18 inches we need it to be diagonal… Any ideas??

We mounted our side rollers on hinges and brought them into the intake tray. They hold each other up by pressing against one another. At the beginning of the match we spin them and they pop out rather easily.

do you have any pictures by chance?? Thanks for the reply by the way!

lift up your lift a little bit, hold a rubber band into the gears, lower lift. rubber band is now stuck in lift gears. attach other end of rubber band to side rollers. to deploy side rollers, lift the lift.

But the way that our intake is, it will be front facing the back of our chamber and basically at a 180 degree angle from where it should be. Like what we want ideally is an intake that starts our inside of our chamber diagonally and then flips out. Our main problem is just that rubber bands might not make it flip out since it will just be a rubber band stretched straight and pretty far from its other end point

You could do something like this. I don’t quite get what your saying… Do you mean something like this???

Oh yes! We want the same concept as the toss up deploy that you linked.

I think I’ve got an idea now. Thanks a ton!