Deploying stack

Assuming a dr4b with 4 bar is built with the motor set up like this: 2 on base, 2 on dr4b, 1 on 4 bar, and 1 on intake what would be a possible design using the leftover 2 motors to deploy the stack successfully?

For this game especially, you will likely need four motors on your drive.

It just feels like with four motors on the drive, and only four left for everything else, it won’t be enough…

I’m managing fine with a 4-motor base on my robot and still have enough motors left over for intake, outtake, and a lift. Its definitely possible.

If your struggling with motors use 1 motor to do multiple things with ratchets or differentials.

Use 4 motors for your drive no doubt. You could easily make it by with a 1:7 1 motor lift this year, although some might need compound gears ratios for more power. you only need 1 motor for a 4 bar and 1 motor for an intake. You could then have the extra motor for a separate stack deploying system, but that might not be wholly necessary

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