deprecated function abs(value) ?

We finally upgraded to Robot C 4.x and I have a Question about deprecated functions.
I get a warning :
Warning:Symbol ‘abs’ is ‘deprecated’ definition. There may be alternate symbol with equivalent functionality.
here’s the line of code being pointed to.
if( (abs(ctl_v) <= JOY_THRESHOLD) && (abs(ctl_h) <= JOY_THRESHOLD) )

Yet the function appears in the text functions list (See attached JPG)

What’s the preferred replacement?

Cheers Kb

Kevin, just ignore that for now. It’s a bug that is already fixed in the next version. If you want to test that out it’s available in the V4.53 preview from the blog.

The reason the warning is showing is that we deprecated ‘abs’ for use with floating point numbers, the preferred replacement is ‘fabs’. However, ‘abs’ should still be used with integers. V4.52 is incorrectly showing the warning message when using ‘abs’ with integers.