Descoring allowed for Brdige Battle?

I’m just asking if if we can block other robot’s from scoring. Cause I don’t know if gracious professionalism is involved in Bridge Battle as it is in FTC.

So if anyone has a definitive answer from their past competitions, then it’ll be greatly appreciated.

im not even in the ifi comp nor read the rules but im pretty sure you can block just not pin. GP has nothing to do with the desire to win

Yes, you can block, it is all part of strategy and driving skills.

When answering questions like this it is best to quote the manual.
Rule <G12> deals with pinning. To sum it up a robot cannot pin another robot for more than 5 seconds.

As for answering your original post. Blocking is allowed. They don’t mind competitive play, they just don’t want robots intentionally trying to damage other robots.

But they can get in their way to prevent them from scoring, i think that is what the original post was asking.