Descoring triballs

I don’t know if this has been asked/discussed already but I’m curious about something. I know there’s going to be some teams that build a low-profile bot (flatbot as my group calls them) that can go under the goal to descore. Question is, if they can do this during double zoning and try to exit the scoring volume of that goal once double zoning ends-what happens if triballs inadvertingly get kicked out with them during their exit?

Already asked and answered in the official Q&A: Is there a penalty for exiting a opponents Alliance Goal when they are no longer Double-Zoning : Robot Events (tldr: DQ if number of triballs removed becomes match affecting).


I would also like to know, as a member of a team with a flatbot. What if the double zoning ends while we are in the goal? Does that force us to stop or leave? What if leaving forces us to descore?

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m wondering. I think kmmohn answered this so I’m going to check it out.

Thanks for the response! Match affecting could be subjective in this case. Be interesting to see how this develops as the season goes on.

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Match affecting has always been subjective - in this case, much less so, since you know the value of each triball removed in from the goal at the time double zone ended. If it caused the game to go your way as a result of those points, it is match affecting.


This seems like it is going to be difficult to officiate, given that a ref needs to watch potentially 3 robots at once during Double-Zoning w/ DeScoring.

That said, the potential penalty for a match-affecting violation does seem to this being a fairly (and maybe this is hopeium writing) uncommon situation.

We have run one event so far (The Monroe County Fair Tournament), and based on that experience plan to have 4 referees at every field for all our future events this season.


Can you elaborate on plans to add a 4th? How are the 4 oriented and what are they to focus on?

Question if a triball is accidently hit and moves out of the goal when it is double zoning does the robot that kicked it out have to replace it or do they get dq

No… If your opponents are double-zoned, it doesn’t matter if it was on purpose or on accident, you are allowed to descore from their goal.


sorry i meant to say when it is not double zoning

In that case, if you “accidently” descore a triball, remember that the team is responsible for the actions of their robot, so if it was accidental and match affecting, they will get a DQ. If the absence of the triball is not match affecting, it will just be a warning.

So should we put it back or not

As a ref I’m worried about this scenario.