Although it is illegal to “descore”,
<SG9> Robots are not permitted to remove (descore) any Scoring Objects which are considered Scored by clause 1 of the definition of Scored. Violations of this rule will result in a Disqualification.

This states that you cannot descore, but if you lifted the objects up (In the goals) and got them stuck on the PVC prongs of the goals. Since they are technically breaking the plane (the ones on the top), could you descore and continue to “descore” like this?

I don’t know if this is legal or not?

I don’t believe this would be at all legal, as the intent of the “no ‘descoring’” rule was that no matter how many steps it took for the object to be “descored” it would still be illegal.


So all that would be legal to do would just remove the objects that are breaking the plane to begin with?

That is my understanding of the rule. (You should probably post a Q&A to get an official answer, as I don’t believe there is one for this yet.)