does any one have any ideas on how to descore out of the cylinder?:confused:

wheel legs.

We’re working on it. It’s only been a few days. We’re literally talking about it on Facebook right now trying to find a solution.

For anyone who hasn’t seen a field or read the rules, the cylinders are 8" in diameter, 24" high. The BuckyBalls are approximately 5" in diameter, and will roll to the edges, not stacking perfectly, meaning there will easily be five in a cylinder.


please explain the wheel legs

If de-scoring is allowed, i think needle conveyor belts, as seen in round up, will work best. As the belt spins and pressure is applied towards the side, balls will start to roll up the side and out the goal

Just as a warning to people taking this route, as I have.

I was looking through the official field drawings and diagrams and the cylinders are about 8 inches from corner to opposite corner, but there is only 7 inches between parallel sides.

Would the person need to descore the first 3 before moving on to more toward the bottom? Seems like it…

Also, it seems like it would be very easy to break the grappling rule with such a mechanism.

Grappling rule?

As per the Toss Up game manual

Which is why I said if de-scoring is allowed. Pretty much every method violates the grappling rule. Maybe someone can create frc suction cups to de-score. Yep

I don’t understand how sticking something down the interior sides of the goal is grappling. Here’s my reasoning:

<SG9>Robots may not intentionally grasp, grapple or attach to any Field Elements with the exception of the Bar. (So far, so good. Descoring doesn’t grasp a field element, grapple one, or attach to one) Strategies with mechanisms that react against multiple sides of a field element (ooh–this could be a problem…) in an effort to latch onto said field element are prohibited. (…or not.) (See figures 8-10) The intent of this rule is to prevent teams from both unintentionally damaging the field, and from anchoring themselves to the field. Special attention will be paid to any teams interacting with the Hanging Structure. Violations of this rule will result in a Disqualification.

A needle down the goal would be anchoring.

The intent of this rule is to prevent teams from both unintentionally damaging the field, and from anchoring themselves to the field.

Hmmm… clever, clever. So, now you just need to have a flexible mechanism… :slight_smile:

If I am interpreting the rule correctly you would need a descore mechanism that comes out if someone pushes your robot.

or maybe let your robot move while descoring? IE all omnis but then you might be grappling even more…

Thinking about it again, a conveyor probably will have issues cause it relies on frictional force to push up gamepieces. A better guess will be a adjustable linkage, kinda like the one used by robowranglers during logomotion. The one side of the linkage will extend, causing the linkage to thin, then when it’s inserted, the liinkage will shrink on another side, causing the end to turn and expand. Then by raising the lift up, the balls will be pulled out.

That is also anchoring to the field.

I agree that all of the above would violate one of the above stated rules. I think it will be difficult to come up with something to de-score that stashes without violating these rules.

I think we can assume that the GDC wanted descoring to be legal, otherwise there would be a no descoring rule. I agree that SG9 currently should make almost any descoring mechanism illegal, so there’s an inconsistency.

We’ll have to wait and see what Karthik says, but I would be very surprised if descoring turns out to be illegal based on SG9 when (presumably) the GDC wanted it to be able to happen.

A no descoring rule would be very difficult to watch though because of the rolling balls out of zones. I assume we would have seen a no descoring from cylinders rule however.