Design already created?

I am planning on doing the online challenge where you design a new VEX part using CAD. However, I am not sure if someone has already thought of my idea and submitted it for a past competition. Is there a way I can see past entries to make sure I don’t submit an idea already submitted? Will designs be disqualified for (accidentally) being similar or duplicates of other submissions?

Great to hear you are planning your entry - it is very wise to get started as early as possible, good luck!

To see past entries, simply go to the Online Challenges site and click on the Challenges tab at the top, then select the competition year from the drop down. To view entries, next click the Make it Real CAD Engineering Challenge, and find the Entries box on the right - you can then select to view All Entries, Finalists and Winners. You can do this for any challenge to view past entries.

As for your second question, it is at the discretion of myself and the Online Challenges Judging Team to determine if an entry is an accidental or purposeful duplicate.

Thanks for the questions, and we wish you the best of skill!