Design and STEM presentation?

Hi, I looked around and couldn’t find anything on this topic. I am on a new team heading to competition next week, and we are unsure as to how we are presenting our robot to the judges. We would like to know what kinds of things they will ask and what they are looking for. Also, we do not know whether we will be taken to a separate judging room, or if they will come to us in the pits. We also would like to know if we have to schedule our STEM presentation, and if so, if we need to in a regional event, or just provincials/worlds.
​The PiThons

Each Event Partner can choose the best space and format for judging robot design and STEM research project presentations at their VEX IQ Challenge event. Often, the judges meet with teams in the practice area to learn more about their robot design. Many events also ask teams to sign up for STEM Research Project presentations in 15-minute time slots. These presentations may be scheduled at the beginning of the event day, so that they do not conflict with the robot matches. You can contact your Event Partner for more details on the format for your team’s event. This contact information is available on the event listing on

It may be helpful to review the STEM Research Project rubric and the Design Award rubric the “Resources” section of the following VEX IQ Teams page to help your team better understand the event judging process. The VEX IQ Teams page also includes many other valuable resources, including the “Tips for Preparing for and Attending VEX IQ Challenge Events.” I hope these resources help your team enjoy a great learning experience in the VEX IQ Challenge.

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