Design Award at World Championship's 2012


I have a few questions regarding the Design Award at World’s:

  1. How long is each interview?
  2. Is there anything we should prepare to directly present to the Judges? Or do they simply ask us questions?
  3. Does each division have a winner? And then, is there an overall winner?
  4. Is there anyway to confirm that we have signed up for an interview, and that we will get a time slot?

Thank you,


Thanks for the questions!

  1. Each interview slot is scheduled for 10 minutes
  2. This is an interview, not neccessarily a presentation. The judges will listen to/look at any prepared material that you have, but expect to learn about your team by asking questions. Make certain that you bring your Design/Engineering Notebook!
  3. There will be a Middle School Design Award winner and a High School Design Award winner.
  4. As previously communicated, all interview times will be confirmed with teams by April 6th.

Many Thanks!