Design Award Help

This is our first year running for the Design Award at Worlds. Although we may be extremely prepared, we do not know what will hit us at worlds. Is Design Award more of a presentation or an interview? Are we required to present our information to the judges, or answer the questions asked?

There is a changed in the process this year.
Teams going for design award will need to submit their Engineering notebooks when they are registering at the counter.

The judges will be doing interview with shortlisted teams at their pits (according to the website).

It is normally up to the judges how they want the interviews to be like. They are some that will give you time to do a presentations. But most of the time, they want to know the process of how you get your robot up.

A good way of presentation will be by 1103. Just Google it. It is classic!

I guess then the question cannot really be answered. From our past experiences through our Excellence and Design interviews, our teams have argued in the past that Excellence/Design awards at Singapore Vex, Asia Pacific VEX robotics competition and World Vex that the format of judgement is different. We recognise the process of submitting our Engineering notebooks but are clueless on the structure of the actual presentation. Guess we have to prepare for everything!

That is not quite true - go to and look at the judging guides for World and the associated rubrics for the interview and engineering notebook.
lEvent Documents
I expect the judges to follow these guidelines at Worlds.

We have looked through the rubrics in the past and prepared our content for the presentation with it, but because of past experiences our sister teams had with Design Award presentation during Tossup, it created a debate of a format-free presentation vs a structural presentation. Now that we have seen the guidelines the judges may prompt us with, we can further prepare our presentation. Thanks!

You are welcome! My team had a formal PPT presentation during Toss Up which confused the judges during interviews. My belief is let the team be themselves, as long as they each are comfortable with their process and showing how their designs evolved through successes and failures. The robot and notebook should be consistent with their interview.