Design Award Interviews at Worlds


I was wondering if there were any additional details about how the interview process for Design Award judging at Worlds will be run this year. I noticed in Appendix D that there will be no sit-down interview, and instead that interviews will occur at the pits. During these interviews, will teams be constrained by time or other factors? Or will the interview continue for as long as the team and judges are engaged?

Also, our team has already gone through the Design Award Rubric, but are there any additional factors that judges will be looking for/prefer? I understand that it might be difficult or impossible to issue an answer to such a general question; our team simply wants to ensure we do not miss the target due to a minor technicality or slight tweak.

Finally, will there be multiple rounds of judging? At some events our team has attended, judges would offer a preliminary interview to the bulk of teams, and then would return for a more detailed session with their top candidates for an award, and so we were wondering if Worlds will implement a similar setup.

Thank you!

VRC Teams that have submitted requests for the Design Award via the presubmitted awards process will turn their notebooks in on Wednesday during their team check in. Notebooks will not be accepted from teams that have not met the prerequisites for Design at Worlds. Judges will review the notebooks that are collected using the VRC Design Rubric. Judges will then select the teams they wish to conduct follow up interviews with in the team pit area to determine the winners of the Design Award.

All VRC interviews at Worlds, except Excellence, will be conducted in the pits. Judges may conduct follow up interviews if they need further information to make decisions at their discretion.