Design Award Qualification

If my team qualified for worlds as a semi finalist, even though we didn’t win Design or excellence at state but won both design and excellence throughout the season at various state qualifiers, will we not be allowed to submit our engineering notebooks at worlds?

The specifics for being eligible for the Design award at the Worlds Championships are in the Judges Guide (pg 11):

Teams must have been awarded the Design or Excellence Award at a state/regional/provincial/national level championship event to be eligible for Design at VEX Worlds. Eligible teams will be notified during the weeks prior to Worlds to submit their Engineering Notebooks at check in on Wednesday…

What about awards such as Inspire, Service, or Amaze? Even though we aren’t allowed to submit an engineering notebook, would we still be eligible for any of these awards?

You will be eligible for all other Awards, except Excellence and Design.

Ok, thanks for the clarification!

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