Design Award Website usage

Is it possible to use a website as a way to achieve the design award?

I’m not sure what you mean… do you mind elaborating on what website you are referring to

I seriously doubt any judge is going to take the time and looks up your website to see what you have. It should all be contained in the vex notebook and a 3 ring binder for extra stuff.

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Basically, what we have is a website of all of things we have done. This includes Outreach, design process, robot, fundraising, our team, what our goal is, cadding, and etc. Mainly all of the things that an engineering notebook would provide, but online. The reason for this being, our goal is to help and reach out to students around us. Having an online database and reference would be a lot more beneficial for us as we want to let everyone know what we are doing, and how we do it.

our website is called It is not finished but we plan to put everything we do on there (all of our documentations, podcast, recorded videos of design process).

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it would basically be an online engineering notebook, i’m just trying to see if anyone has tried it.

There’s an online challenge for creating a website if you’re interested.

Idk about design award though, I’m pretty sure judges are only looking for your notebook and your interview.

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I don’t think a website would outright disqualify you from design award, but you really don’t want to not have a notebook. a website could be a nice feature of your team, but it shouldn’t be a replacement for your engineering notebook.


Yes along with this we will have a notebook, but to help put our goal in action we thought it would be best to have all of our processes on our website.

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This can be used as a qualification for worlds?

It would be fine to, say, organize your thoughts in a website but no judge is going out of their way to check out your website no matter how good it is.

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Also he’s right. There’s also this challenge to make a video

From the official Judge Guide:

Judges will not accept or evaluate any electronic notebooks including those on laptops, thumb drives, or cloud-based servers.

So, while you may mention your website in your hardcopy notebook, do not expect judges to actually look at your website.


This is taken directly from the site about the prizes for the top submissions:

I wouldn’t suggest you focus only on the website as your method of qualifying for worlds though, since there will be a lot of submissions.

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This is very helpful, thank you. Also, are all awards available at any competition?

Will this award be available at all Vex EDR competitions?

It’s an online challenge, so it’s not based in tournaments but instead you submit your website online, your submission is judged and voted on, and then the judges pick the top 3 from around the world.

it seems that it is based of a video you must submit, not a website.

lol nevermind i mixed the two links up.

No. You should look at the Awards tab for individual tournaments on to see what awards are offered and, perhaps more importantly, which awards qualify for championship events.

If you want the judges to see this, the interview is the opportunity you will have to do this. As others have said, it will not replace a written engineering notebook. Stuff like this presented during the interview may help if your team is being considered for the Excellence award.