Design Award Website usage

Also, some tournaments (depending on the region) may not list any awards as qualifying at first (because the number of spots may not have been determined yet), but as long as it’s an official event, it will have at least the Excellence Award qualify for States (or for your region’s equivalent), and usually Tournament Champions will also qualify (and sometimes Design, Robot Skills Champion, Tournament Finalists, and occasionally other awards).


Purely an electronic submission outright disqualifies you for the design award, which sounded like what they wanted to do.

Source, page 14 in the pdf, page 11 in document

Judges will not accept or evaluate any electronic notebooks including those on laptops, thumb drives, or cloud-based servers.

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As a judge, I’d be thoroughly impressed if you showed me the website as part of your design award interview. That being said, there’s really not anywhere on the rubric that would gain you points though. All teams should read through the judges guide and get a clear idea of what is being looked for. The design award rubric should be your guide on this one.