Design Award

Does any one know that for state will the design award qualify us for world? Thanks for any insight.

What state?

Looks like you’re from Tennessee, so yes.

Tennessee State Competition.

It looks like Tennessee only have 3 HS spots so it probably wont qualify

According to the robotevents page the design award qualifies.

Interesting, according to robot events there are 6 HS spots.

there are:
3 tournament champion
top robot skills

I hope to see you at worlds! We got design award too, and we were the first to qualify to worlds from our school :slight_smile:

According to the qualifying document, Tennessee was granted 3 HS spots at the start of the season. The qualifying document does also say that, “Any state that shows extraordinary growth will be awarded ‘bonus spots’ for World Championship on January 1, 2017. Please contact your REC Foundation Regional Support Manager for more information.”

It’s a little hard to tell from Robot Events (which doesn’t count teams by state for you), but it looks like Tennessee might have 50 more teams than last year. If you are really curious, contact the RECF regional manager.

I know the RECF rep for Tennessee personally, and I talked with her about this. Yes TN had 3 HS spots for worlds at first, but then came the bonus spots, and we’re up to 7 now. What that means for the TN state tournament, @shadowlink is that the following awards will qualify for Worlds:
-3 tournament champions
-Robot skills winner
-Design award winner
-Both the HS and MS Excellence award winners, separately.

On another note, my team will be competing at TN states too. See you there Saturday!