Design for 1 motor 4bar and claw

I made a design that only uses one motor to power a two direction 4bar and a 1 direction claw. My team doesn’t want to go this route so I thought I would post it here. (Sorry for the craziness this is how I map out my thoughts) I will try to get a cad design of it later.


Sorry forgot to post actual picture.image


Now I dont really know what you’re up to, but I’m tryna pull off the exact same thing.

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RIP so am I. I have an idea but I hate it…
I’d love to see a CAD version of your idea, @James6555, I think this is going to be a real lifesaver for many teams out there.

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hmm i am trying to do a sorta kind not quite simeler thing with a dr6b and its a pain there are like 5000 joints
but i am confused by your diagram but my ideas are just scattered and would probably confuse u 2

I’m not finished with the cad but here is what I have so far, hopefully it helps. The gear with the bar attached rotates moving the 4 bar back and forth as it needs more room, The gear in the second picture with the 16 tooth gear is a ratchet. I still have to make the claw but this should help with understanding. Screenshot%20(6)Screenshot%20(7)


cool thx