Design help again

Can we use the plexiglass from the turning point field elements in our robot design? Does it have to be completely clear?

It doesn’t have to be clear but it has to fit the normal regulations. I’m pretty sure the polycarbonate on the field is much thicker than what is legal

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Also, if it’s plexuglass or any shattering glass, it’s not legal.

Withy plexiglass are you referring to lexan, in that case only a certain amount is allowed, however read the rules for further details.

Check out this thread:

Also this Q&A ruling:

Note that that ruling applied to a VEX IQ field element, but it should be the same for a VRC field element, provided it is less than 0.07" thick and isn’t mounted in such a way that it could be seen as a vision sensor distraction.

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