Design help?

Even thew I will not be competing in Star Stuck, I am working on a design that will be available on heir. if anyone wants them, I will make drawings, and post them. I will also try to keep you all up-to-date as much as I can.

Hear is what I have so far, it is only a prototype but it is something…

This is as far as I have got,

I haven’t been doing a lot with VEX since I am on an FTC teem, and have a State compaction on the 17th. The next part I will work on, is the catapult. Send Me a privet message, if you wont to help with the development of my new design, or if you wont to suggest what I can do to make it work.

edit: It works on both stars and cubes.

Uh oh boys, we got a time traveler!

Yea, I didn’t set the time and date on my camera.

What is the third motor, mounted in the middle of the intake, used for?

The catapult. There will be two motors on it, but only one is mounted currently.

Heir are the specks on the intake.

Two motor intake.


One cube.
Two cubes (it has the capacity, but has not been tested).
One star.
Two stars.
Three stars.
Four stars.
One star, one cube.

It intakes cubes well, but not stars as well.

Wow! Beginning of the year I thought “The game committee is truly trying to change up the ways people pick up items, huh?”

Could you give us a video of the intake functioning? Would be great to see the entire flow of the scoring elements!


There are several videos on this type of intake.

These are just a few that shows how it works.

These are not quite what I am design. These all use a lift to score, ware mine is a catapult.

@Aditya Diwakar, I haven’t been able to post a video of my catapult.

We tried this design in competitions; we tried days and days to make it work - but in the end, to get leer’s capacity, u cannot have any lift motors sticking out, and they can only get near zone except for cubes that roll, and there is a lot of ways the side rollers can get jammed and cause the bot to stall out. We decided to go back to the normal claw after being dominated by them; they are just much faster and so much simpler.

The intake that I am designing does not use a lift for scoring. there will be a catapult that should have a 75% far zone scoring capability. The intent is not for high volume capacity, but minimal driving to score. The only lift will be for hanging.

@spartanshl , the only video that you posted that is like this deign is this one: Proof of Concept Star Side Rollers - YouTube

Is any one interested in this design?