Design Ideas: Combining Lifts

Would it be a good idea to combine an extension lift (like cascade or continuous rigging) with an n bar lift for the extra height? Or would a lift like that be really flimsy and ineffective?

I can see it working depending on the quality of build. I do not have much experience with linear lifts but I have seen effective implementations of double 4-bar lifts. If you have a chain lift as the first stage (which I am considering) 2 towers seems like the way to go if you can spare the weight.

I hear you like four-bars so we put a four bar on your linear lift so that you could have enough reach.

After building a double four bar this year, I’ve gotta do the triple lift. Its the only way to impress the freshmen.

Ha. No. Never is there a need for a combined lift.

Having experience with this… (Combined linear + 4 bar) I do not think it will be very helpful, as it has a lot of slop and comparatively uses more power than a simple n bar.

Furthermore, it is possible to reach 24" goal and even the 40" hanging bar with just a 12" robot with a long 6 bar or vertical 4 bar (3018 round up), and still fit within 18 inches.

We had a linear lift this year. I would not recommend combining the 2. If you do you will have to use one linear lift on each side of the other lift or the slop in the lift will cause problems in the n-bar lift.

Thanks for the input everyone!