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Hello fellow humans. For Tower Takeover, our team designed a diagonal stacker (diagonal ramp for intaking cubes that moves upright to stack the cubes). To change the position of the ramp, we used slide rails and and arm that pushes it up. However, it was too weak to stack 5 to 6 cubes. We were thinking of transitioning to an arm like Goofy. Does anyone have any other ideas?

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up the torque or look at the front of Houdini

What gear ratio are your motors? Do you have adequate compression? Because really, you should have no problem doing 7. Just make sure you use motor hold or else your cubes just slide back out.

It’s all about the gear ratio. You would need a small pivoting arm like goofy’s with a joint in the middle as well. For the ratio, you would want at least a 15:1 ratio, which is a small 12 tooth gear next to a small-medium(36t), then transition that gear to another 12t gear on the same axle, which then connects to a medium-large(60t) gear. You would also want to use high strength gears(duh). This is what I am using and it pushes 8 cubes fine with the help of a couple bands. If all of this is not EXTREMELY sturdy and well built, it may not work for you. So take your time is my advice. This should be able to push up 5-6 cubes. Ours will do that without any bands. This kind of robot is very complicated to get working well and efficiently, so design carefully; get things right the first time. Look at reveal vids and match vids(these are very helpful.) Hope this helps, and good luck!


Hey there! We modified our motors so they are torque, and our cubes are held together. It could be just us :expressionless:

Thank you so much! Will keep this in mind when redesigning!

Huh. Maybe vex put lead weights in them or something.

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