Design notebook challenges

My team qualified for worlds through design award but now we don’t know what else to do because we don’t know what else we can add to our notebook. Any tips?

I suppose this might only partially answer your question, but keep in mind that the Design award is a mix of both your engineering notebook and your team interview with the judges.

So with that said, if you’re looking for things to do and are sure your notebook is at its best, practice answering some of the questions you’ve been asked before. There are plenty of points to be gained for a clear and articulated interview where each member of your team makes equal contributions. Practice, practice, and then some more practice will make perfect.


What to put in the notebook is mostly up to you. It’s supposed to document the progress of your robot and your team over the course of the season. So, your ideas, goals, how and why the robot is where it is, ect.

If you’ve just been through you state competition, I’d include a recap of how that competition went for you in the notebook. Like what your goals were for state, and if you met or exceeded any of them. Or just what you learned in general from state.

Similarly, I’d write what your goals for worlds are, and how you plan to change your bot, code, ect. before worlds.

Remember, there’s always something else to add to the notebook.


Alright thanks for the advice, we’ll definetly add some of the things you mentioned. :smile:

Ya it’s kind of weird that the notebook is due (for my team) on March 10, which is like 6 weeks before worlds. My robot and program could have so much progress in those 6 weeks that I would want to write about.

Is this just because a team has xx days after qualifying for Worlds to submit the notebook? I’m trying to determine when notebooks will be required to be submitted in general, and March 10 seems crazy early!

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My team’s initial interview is in March 13. They will need the notebooks before the interview, I would think.