Design or Excellence at VEX Worlds

So we just registered for worlds earlier today, after winning the UK National Championship last weekend to qualify. There is a slight problem though…

We would like to register for a design award interview, but the applications closed before we even received our worlds invite. I believe that this is unfair on us and any other UK teams who would like to apply to be considered for this award, as we have been working hard on our engineering notebook all season, and we are now being told that we can’t apply to even be considered for the Design Award at VEX Worlds, because applications closed before we received our invite.

Is there anything that can be done about this?

Thanks for your question.

The deadline for all presubmitted awards was midnight, Central Time (US) March 20th. We do not accept late entries. Teams that did not get signed up for presubmitted awards will be eligible for all other awards at VEX Worlds.