Design predictions

What are your predictions for a robot design that will be on the winning alliance at worlds?
What components will it have?
(ex. Will it have a lift, or will it be designed for ball scoring; will it have a flywheel, puncher, catapult, or a combination)

I’d say it would have

  • A single flywheel
  • Field Bot with full court abilities of at least 1 bps
  • Able to clear field on its own in 1 minute
  • 45 + autonomous
    May or may not have lift.

A winning robot/alliance will definitely have a lift. It’s the only scoring method that doesn’t rely on scoring objects. Once all of the balls have been shot and scored, believe me, there will be plenty of time left in the match; as much as 30 seconds or more. As for scoring method, it really just depends on how well you can operate and optimize your scoring mechanism. There are teams with flywheels and punchers that are capable of reaching extremely high match scores each. The only thing it will come down to is how reliable and fast your scoring is.

Edit: Regarding the popularity of designs, a linear puncher will be seen on many robots simply because it’s easy to build and tune, and generally gives accurate and fast full field shots.

A robot doesn’t necessarily have to have a lift, as they could get picked by a robot that does have a lift. But I think it’s very likely that at least a majority of the top robots at worlds will have lifts.

As for other design requirements, I think there will be robots able to shoot all preloads in under 10 seconds. I can’t say for sure which main launcher design it will be, but obviously it will be amazing.

I’m sure at least a couple of robots, mainly turntable designs, will be able to fire from anywhere on the field immediately after picking up balls, using position tracking and then calculating distance to the net.

I wonder if we’ll see any matches that are over by 30 seconds or more remaining (field cleared and robots elevated, so nothing left to do).

i would say that fielding would have at least 3 bps, probably faster. I have seen many teams shoot at 4 bps when fielding.

With a single flywheel, 4+ BPS would be a standard for competitive worlds teams. Full field can be unfriendly, but it’s possible to get 2+ BPS with a tuned one.

I completely agree. Full field will be a lot harder with a single flywheel, but the fielding of a tuned one can be insane

Never forget the double puncher dream.

I still feel that it’s outclassed when attempting to score field balls.

Single Flywheel with 0.5 second per ball. 1 slip gear mech. like 2R. And then an instant lift. around 5-8 second high lift.

You get a style bonus at the end for scoring all the match loads in 5 seconds.

You also get a style bonus for have good looking robot that can’t score in skills, but that’s not the point.

Do I need to mark my posts so that you understand the sarcasm in each of them?

Um… I was being sarcastic as well.

Your first post wasn’t sarcastic at all. Your second post was a pretty bad attempt and came off as defensive. Not trying to be rude or anything for the record.

I’m sorry that that came out differently than I intended. Anyway this has nothing to do with the conversation. I’d like to get back to the topic.

For clarification i meant full court 1 ball per sec. On the field i’d say minimum 2 balls per sec.

This is one of the robots at my school, from team 7589A
Im obviously (by my name) in 7589B. From practicing and being partners with 7589A Ive seen that they can easily shoot 2-3 balls full court per second! Which is really fast. I will try to post pics if possible, im on ipad so it annoyingly converts the pictures to “.jpeg” which isnt compatible apparently. Also, once they finish up the preloads (in less than a minute) their launcher can easily launch halfcourt, another feature they added is that some of the preload balls are firmer or softer, so they added commands on the buttons that change the flywheel speed otherwise.

Photo got flipped during conversion :frowning:

Honestly, I think a couple people on this thread are setting their expecations wwwwwwaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too low. I am expecting the strategy to be go out onto the field first, and have a 4 bps firing rate from anywhere on the field. After that, it really doesn’t matter how fast they can do match loads. As long as it is reasonable, like under 20 seconds (many teams have been doing that since around December). Field cleared in a minute, Match loads in under 20, and a 10 second lift at the 30 second mark. There is going to be 20 seconds of dead time where robots can’t even victory spin because they are lifted. So really, the only stat that really matters is fielding ability. Obviously they will have at least 1 lift bot per alliance and 100% match load accuracy.