Design Process: Define the Problem

With the new VEX season starting off, many teams are beginning to start brainstorming and creating new robots. From an engineering perspective, the first thing to do is define the problem. Defining the problem helps you and your team to understand and wrap your mind around the actual problem you are presented with, and what needs to happen to accomplish the goal. I have seen many teams who start off building a robot, not even defining the problem or even brainstorming, and they end up in ruins because they didn’t have a good design from the beginning. Here is a story that you should share with your team and club to demonstrate the importance of the design process, especially defining the problem.

Thank you for sharing that story! Our team really tries to emphasize following the design process not “for the judges” but because it actually works, and what you shared was clearly an example of that @Aiden Pyle :slight_smile: