Design Reference Library

Based of a recent post by Team 80 Giraffes, I was thinking that we should collect all the designs of the community for arms, bases, and manipulators. To make the GDC’s job of avoiding design convergence harder, of course.

Some rules are:
No duplication; differing placements of holes count as subsets, not new designs(e.g “Danny Lift” is a subset of Double Reverse Four Bar, not a new lift, but mecanum drive is different from four motor tank drive)

Show design with picture

Describe pros and cons.

I’ll start off with

Double Arm( can’t really think of a good title for it)


Requires a gear ratio;
Low reach, nonlinear motion…
Not much to say except that it is light.
Double Arm.jpg

I might be wrong, but the website, Botsn’, seams to be exactly what you are trying to create here, an encyclopedia of designs.
It was a good idea though!

I know, I already looked at it.:o

The information is a bit out of date, and many designs are missing. That’s why I created this thread. I guess it could be deleted if that’s the case

Then add to it. The whole website is a wiki where community members like yourself kept adding new articles.

Agreed. in fact, I made my account recently. its really easy.
I personally see it being easier to look for a design by searching through botsn’stuff; than to going through a whole tone of posts on a thread.
That’s just me. maybe I am crazy!:smiley: