Designs for the new game

Since the new game is released we might as well come up with new designs!

Depends on the possession limit.

It is 3

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Where did you find that?

We could make a tube that the balls go up and we could drop them off

just take a few stages off your dr4b tray and widen the intakes


Im thinking like an intake like a turning point one, goes up to a four bar with a tube?

An intake like a turning point one would be better than a intake tread intake because of more surface area

Only for the other color’s balls. You can possess as many of your balls as you like. Rule SG8 says “Possession is limited. Robots may not have greater-than-momentary Possession of more than
three (3) Balls of its opposing Alliance’s color at once. When two Robots from the same Alliance are
working in tandem and blocking Balls, those Robots may not Possess a total of more than six (6) Balls
of its opposing Alliance’s color at once.”


oh thats epic that opens up a ton of possibilities

I think we can rule out the possibility of a double reverse four bar because the games “towers” are so short

i mean you can literally take “inspiration” from like the best of the best gateway and skyrise bots

I was thinking something like this year. You have a lift, or some mechanism to reach the top, and intakes that go down low, so you can intake both the balls on the field and ones in goals, so you can descore. The tray would be shorter, as I dont see a reason to carry more than 4 balls at once. Maybe a 1stage flipup would work. You might also want wide intakes, with something similar to chintakes, so they dont break, and so you can intake at greater angles. Something like the 45 degree gusset strategy with another sprocket maybe. Ill have to see. The intake strategy would allow you to intake all 3 balls from a goal. you might want something to push out the balls you dont want, as well.


mega flywheel on turntable with vision sensor to aimbot the goals


theres a max of 3 balls you can hold btw

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No, 3 balls of the other alliance’s color.

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So you can possess as many of your own as you want?

I believe that is correct, but I dont see a reason to possess more than 4-5, to start off with. ← take this opinion with a grain of salt


Correct <20 Character limit>

Possibly you could have a tray, but have something that pushes the balls up and off the tray into the goals.