Designs Needed

[FONT=“Tahoma”][/FONT]I have built the square bot design and modified it, but I want to make a new robot. I want to make a abnormal, weird, USEFUL, and most of all cool robot. Can someone give me a design or give me a idea of what to make? I have a VEX Starter Kit, a VEX Programming Kit, 1 extra Motor Module, and recently got a Ultra-Sonic Sensor.

First of all Ryan Henneman, if you want people to help you out, post in a section of these forums where anyone can post replies. Now, onto my helping you…

Why not build a robot with any cool drive train (base) then add the Ultra-Sonic Sensor and program it to sense where objects are and act accordingly (ie. if a wall if X amount of feet away turn X* to the left/right check for obstacles…etc…) Good-Luck!

or he could put an airsoft gun on it, thats what i’m doing

Or a paintball gun and a camera. Remote the trigger to fire rapid shots.

Or a tram system on an overhead rope.


With the kit and an extra motor you can easily make an arm that picks up a ball of “X” diameter. It’s really easy to do, but once you get the basic system down you can vary in different directions. I.E. - rotating turret arm, add a wrist, ect ect.

I’m going to try that, Jeremiah Johnson.:smiley:

Don’t worry Ryan, I can assure you that within the near future you will get your wish of step-by-step directions to build a very cool robot. :wink:

i have to say that soon we are going to need a whole forum for people to ask what to build. :slight_smile:


just look at thhe existing threads so that it does so dont have to make new threads evreytime someone gets a vex kit. most of the posts in this thread are already on this forum, just look first guys… :frowning:

It doesn’t matter how many times you ask a question. If someone needs to ask then let them. If you do not like people asking question go somewhere else. If a person is new then they should ask without persecution. I am sure when you were new to forums you repeated questions.

i know. i guess i just think there are too many threads that deal with the same topic. granted, they may be hard to find so… but especially design ideas. i think a good move would be a new forum dedicated to design ideas. what do other people think?

Pacoliketaco, thats a good idea!:cool:

thanks. now we just need the admins to read this thread…:slight_smile:

The original intent of this forum:

was that people could post and discuss their designs, robots, and ideas with others within the community.

There are already some ideas posted there, and we hope many more are posted.


My challenge du jour:
Build a robot which can reach up to open a standard door-knob.

Good Luck!

okay… lol:) calm down dude. VEX isnt made for weapons.

you should make something on the robot that can carry stuff

I was able to made a rubberband shooter. It works, but 3 out of times it won’t go far and 1 out of 5 times it will go backwards! I’ll post pictures as soon as I can.

lol, backwards? that cant be good :stuck_out_tongue:

look at my website below for inspiration. I have alot of robots and alot of differnt drive trains.

Maybe try a drivetrain that can extend… like anywhere from 1.5’-3’ that would be cool! But be sure to design it so that some sort of mechanical device can sit on top with no harm while extending or coming together.