Designs, programs, oh my.

Hello everybody,

Recently I was uploading some things to GitHub and thought to myself… “What is the easiest way to share code with my team?”. Don’t get me wrong GitHub is a very powerful website, program, etc. but… I just wanted to know what you all did to share code, designs, and things alike throughout your team.

Here is a survey:

Hope this makes sense and helps everyone with this problem.

why dont you just use google drive, it accepts c program, its free and only needs an internetr connection

Our school gives us OneDrive for school purposes, we take advantage of that for robotics. In addition, you can edit lines of code within OneDrive, so it’s helpful and doesn’t require constant downloading to RobotC

Services like GitHub are made specifically for code. Git is almost entirely functional without internet access, so you can even use it at many competitions and such.

GitHub basically “backs up” your code and when used properly (i.e., committing frequently), it helps prevent issues in the future. By nature, it’s easy for anyone to see what was changed when, and with GitHub, you can make your code open-source online so other teams and use it for inspiration or to get help with their own code. And for anyone interesting in going into technology, most companies use git or another similar version control system, so it’s also a useful skill to have.