Destroy the Opponents!!!!

So guys I have a question. Since SG11 states:
<SG11> Drivers or Coaches may lift their own Gate at any time during the Match. Once lifting of the Gate had begun it must be finished promptly and the Gate cannot be dropped. Both Gates must be lifted and latched before thirty (30) seconds are remaining in the Match. Violations of this rule will result in a Disqualification of both teams on the offending Alliance.
and SG12 states:
<SG12> Robots may not interact with the Gate for more than five (5) seconds or after there are thirty-five (35) seconds remaining in the Match. Robots may not interfere with the raising of the Gate, nor may they lift the Gate. Violations of this rule will result in a Disqualification.
If you were to Block the on your gate without touching them, and then claim that the robot is interfering with the lifting of your gate, would you be able to disqualify them? Or even count to 5 and then lift the gate and fling their robot?:smiley:

I think that strategy is not a very MORAL strategy. The game is not about intentionally DQ-ing a robot, but instead the game is to see who has a better robot.

And <G11> says

and <SG4> says

Definition of pin:

(emphasis mine)

So, you’d be DQ’ed not only for the match, but potentially for the remainder of the competition.
Also, you’d be DQ’ed for the match because you’d have to PIN the other robot to accomplish this strategy.
There are more rules that deal with this strategy as well…

Finally, remember <G1>:


Well if you were not touching them it would not be pinning would it???
also, this strategy does not include tipping entangling or destroying the robot in any way because… the rules clearly state that you may not touch the gate while an opposing robot is LEGALLY touching it, and that after 5 seconds it is no longer legally touching. So it would technically be legal to do this as long as you waited until the ref called the touching illegal.

Cool… Looks interesting.

Thats the stupidest idea I’ve heard of in my life.

Lol if I didn’t realize you were on the same team I may not have thought you were just poking fun about this. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ikr, but still… it is a pretty insane idea…