Destroying Omni wheels?

We have broken or ruined 2of our 6 omni wheels this year and our team hasn’t even been practicing an excessive amount and we’ve only been to one competition this year. I’m wondering if you guys know a way to swap the inserts on the wheels to metal ones since I’m pretty sure these have plastic ones which were bored out but we tried and failed to Remove Them once they were board out. We were just going to buy some of the new Grey omnis and put metal incerts in those but they are out of stock and we have a compitition on the 29th. Any tips?

That’s a problem with those old wheels, the new ones now have replaceable inserts that you’re looking for.


drill it out with a 4.2mm drill bit and screw joint the drive wheels


Do you happen to have a picture of this? When you say screw joint, do you mean a long screw with nuts on both sides to clamp the wheel. It cannot slip as it is a drive wheel.

Hey, I’ve seen this one before


i think he’s saying bolt the wheel to a gear or sprocket and then put a screw through the center of both (screw joint) so that you dont need to rely on the axle hole

If you have a file and lots of patience, you can grind out a square hole to put a metal insert in

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Thinking to try it on a desktop mill since it is plastic. Might be hard to mount though. Normally, I would just purchase but they are not in stock and we have a competition soon.

Maybe reach out to another local team/ask a sister team if they have any you can borrow for the competition, or that you can buy from them

Use a couple of lock bars


It might be that you motors are moving at a high rate that the omni wheels can handle, and or it might be rubbing on the c-chann (I’m assuming that that’s what it is mounted to) and causing it to break due to friction and resistance.

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motors are 600 rpm crates geared down to 257 there are spacers to keep it from rubbing we figured out a way to machine/file the broken Omnis down so we can put some new inserts in.

I’m not sure if all of the old wheels are made like this, but the ones we have actually have a 1/4" square hub inside, the 1/8" hub is just a plastic insert that is glued in.

My method of removing the plastic insert is to put a screw into the plastic insert and try to pull it out (it takes a LOT of force). If you can pull 1 side out, you can press the other side out with a HS shaft.
Be forewarned that this technique has failed on me before, so do it with caution.


Thanks ill look into it

Turn it down some is my advice, but not too much.

you can remove the 1/8" insert of the old omnis with a flat head screw driver and progress on. ( it will be messy, plastic will be marred, but you will have a wheel that works.)