Detailed continuous lift design

Our team is planning on building a continuous lift robot. However, we are not entirely sure how the continuous will work in VEX robotics (even though we understand the concepts behind continuous lifts). For example, how to stop each stage at the top and how are the chains attached to the C-channels. It would be very helpful if the experts on this forum would showcase some demo designs of a generic continuous lift so we could have a better idea.
Thanks in advance.

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I don’t have much knowledge in the area, but in VEX we call them cascade lifts.

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Actually, in VEX we differentiate elevator lifts between “continuous” and “cascade,” so, no, we would not call it a cascade lift. Here is an animation on youtube that shows a continuous elevator lift with VEX parts:


Many people here use cascades instead of continuous for space efficiency, but it wouldn’t be the first. Chains can fit a screw through them, that’s how they can connect to the c-channels. Zip ties also work, but I’d advise against it (sorry, unpopular opinion.)
Visualizing the stop is easier than explaining it, so here’s an example:

This one uses a plate to connect with the shaft at the top of the previous stage. I’d try not to use a plate and would use a screw on the square below the shaft to avoid friction.

Finally, I’d suggest looking at some cascade tutorials because although the wiring of the chain is different, it’ll give you a glimpse of how different people make different connections on their lifts