Hi i am Spencer with the Natalia high school vex team and i was wondering if its against the rules to have a platform detach from the robot and drive up on it thus being elevated to get 50 points. Saying that your partner will touch your robot. Can i do that?

As long as your robot does not expand out of the 18 in cube size limit.

Thank you also do you know if i could pick up and dump the balls into the net?

If you are looking for an official ruling, you should read through the Q&A subforum as similar questions have been asked. However, I think I can help you out if we look at the rules.

So the Game Definitions section of the game manual (04/17/15) defines low elevation as:

The same section defines a robot as:

So even if you could legally detatch a ramp, both it and your driving base would still be considered a single “robot”
You can see that since the ramp is still considered the “robot” when detached, there would be no way for it to detach the ramp and still drive up it and be considered low elevated even if a teammate were touching it.
You could have ramp that a teammate drove up. That way they would be completely 4" above the tiles and touching your robot. However, intentionally detaching anything from your robot is not legal as per <G11>:

So the answer is no, you cannot detach a ramp from your robot. You can, however, deploy a ramp that is still attached to your robot and have your teammate drive on top.

You are allowed to “dump” the balls into the net, however no part of your robot may enter the goal as per <SG9>:

I will let you go back and look through the rules to see what the exact definition of the “goal” is. It is very important that you know these rules front to back.

If you look into the Q&A, you will see that you can in fact self elevate and have the other robot touch you for points. This is in the thread (
So if you can find a way to legally detach a ramp, then you could do what you are asking.

Also, can expand past 18’ cube horizontally during any point of the match so long as you are fully within the Climbing Zone. This is allowed by <SG10>.

If you are to do as capow08 says with the game definitions, you will see that the definition of goal includes the low goal. I am unsure as to what they mean by the “plane”(not sure if vertical or horizontal), but if <SG8> includes the vertical plane of the low goal, then you could not possibly “dump” the balls into the net.

As far as your post goes, you did everything right, but please read through the Q&As.

I was not saying that you cannot self-elevate, as it has been ruled legal, but that you cannot do it with a ramp. If you were to somehow legally detatch a ramp, that ramp is still defined as the “robot.” If it is touching the ground when you drive up on it, your entire robot is not 4 inches above the floor tile because the ramp is still on the floor. Therefore, you are not elevated.