Detecting signals

Hello, I would like to know if there is a way for a VEX robot to detect the distance to and/or direction of a user-activated signal.

Thank you.

Can you clarify what you mean by signal? If you’re talking about the vexnet wifi signal, then no, not without writing your own custom firmware.

Technically yes, not sure it would be competition legal though.

What were you thinking of generating the signal with??

Can you share a little more about your idea??

Basically I need to be able to call the robot to me. As for generating the signal, I want to figure out what the VEX hardware would be able to detect and then figure out what can generate it. And jpearman, this isn’t for any competition, so I 'd like to hear your idea.

Sonic, Photon and Radio.

You need something to act as a Beacon, and a Sensor on the Bot to *receive *that beacon and move toward it…

Sonic and Photon signals will Bounce/Reflect, which could give a false origin, if your environment is cluttered… Radio would not…

Combining a Detection Sensor for you Beacon with Avoidance Programming, like used in the DSrobotics Holonomic Robot would make a lively demonstration… Watch the Video of the VEX Omni-Directional Avoider on YouTube.

radio or possibly gps. but it is possibble