DHS Back To School Bash Competition

Alright so because I have seen a few conversations out there about this competition out there I have just decided to make a thread for it so we can keep other threads on topic. This event was in Maryland and occurred on September 25. The tournament champions were 24B, 5588E, and 934Z (our team made out with tournament champions and excellence). The majority of the designs there were in some form a sort of dumper but there was a huge differences between some of the best dumpers and the worst. A lot of components of the dumpers you would not think mattered much made huge differences between a good dumper and a bad dumper like how close the tray was to the ground was a huge factor in how well at team could pick up cubes. Hanging was pretty common among the top teams and the 12 point hang was pretty much an automatic win in some of the qualification matches. Autonomous was HUGE because most of the robots were dumpers and if you could get a lot of game objects to the other side in autonomous, a large dumper bot would be really cluttered. In a match a robot did not get their tray deployed in time so it took them quite a while to get it deployed in time because the field was so cluttered. In a lot of the matches it could also be seen that high hangs are very important because if one robot would have got the high hang they probably would have won the match. If you have any questions about the competition, feel free to ask.

We got so unlucky at the end lol…

Video has been removed by the user?

Sorry, About that… It was working earlier today. Oh… The person who made it deleted it but it was pretty much just a case were a robot with a dump was so overwhelmed by stars and cubes their tray never deployed.

What were some of the ways that people were hanging?

There was a few like ours (linear slide) and 1 team had a hook on the end of their dump

Yeah, sorry about kinda ditching you guys for 5588E and 24B but I think if we hid our robot to stop them from picking us (literally what we did to not get picked by the previous alliances) they would have picked us anyways and then would have been salty that we were trying to stop them from picking us. We were going to go with you guys but we expected 24B to pick you and not 5588E. Sorry…

idrc man… We didnt really need you and would have won without you if our chassis didnt stall in the first 10 seconds…

Ok, cool. Are either @AG256 or you, @Zach929Y going to be in the competition in the Baltimore Robotics Center?


I do not think we are going.

Well that sucks…

@Zach929Y Sorry for running over your intake

Moving forward we are: Practicing driving… Everything else works fine, we may also write more autos but that about it

No dont apologize man… We suck at driving and you guys probably could have won if we didnt get stuck in the middle of the field… the loss was our fault not yours.

Any work on your hanging? We plan to make our hang faster as we only high hung like once in the real competition.

Probably not… We have lots of plans for the high hang but we dont really want to make them than show them this early because it will most likely make everyone’s life easier if they can have a 2 second high hang lol

Yeah we plan to change our hang too. How long do you think it will take for high hangs to become more common as there were only like 4 or 5 at this competition.

I know all of our teams are working on hanging now for the competition in late October (idk which one)

I really dont know… but i can tell you matches like our finals will become more and more common (extremely close cube and star scores) which will make more teams focus on the hang because it is the tie breaker in those situations.