DHS Back To School Bash Competition

But as robots get better, won’t it be harder to find the optimum time to high hang?

Yeah I thought it was over after you got a star stuck in 24B’s drive TWICE but 5588E pulled through for us.

Yes but as robots get better the hanging will get faster… and if one alliance goes to hang in a competitive match than the other is basically forced because how close the match will be… you basically control the end of the match if you hang i think…

lol after we got a star stuck than sat idol the rest of the match XD

True. Coming from this competition, do you think hanging is that big of a tie-breaker?

Possible but i think that the fastest dumpers (such as us and 5839A) are going to dominate later because we will have 2 loads over while slower bots like 24 and 5588E only have 1.

Yes… the finals will always have a hanger for now…

At early competitions yes, later on no because it will be so common.

And our dumping is only getting faster :wink:

Yeah we are taking this into consideration and may make our dumper faster because right now our dumper is way stronger then it should be.

Such modesty, much amaze. Where there any stand out catapults. if any?

That statement is kinda irrelevant because how common it is doesn’t apply to if it is a tie breaker, i think the best robots will be super fast and be able to hang super fast… overall (just like last year) it is going to come down to speed.

:wink: :wink:

I was just saying that a hang existing as a tie breaker is going to be less common.

i think there was one that didnt work

idk… probably not a tie breaker but necessary to play the matches*

For sure


Yeah except your guy’s third alliance which was more of a dumper though.

Any teams, besides yourself :), to watch out for in the future?