Did anyone get an update on what will be happening with worlds

I was just wondering is there gonna be an state compations or worlds happening with the whole world.

I would wait until January to ask the question. Too many unknowns at this point.

In Framingham we are remote learning - so no in-person opportunities. Also, unlikely that Board of Health would approve of large indoor gathering while we are coded as a Red city in Massachusetts.

My best advice, focus on developing skills and be ready when things are more “normal” and in-person competitions can be held safely.


RECF is still planning on having Worlds, with both remote divisions and some degree of in-person participation.

Regional championships are a mixed bag. Some regions are already committed to remote events. I’m sure some regions are confident they can hold normal in-person championships. A lot of regions are still in a state of great uncertainty though, so be prepared for anything.


Agreeing with what was already stated far better…

Build, program and learn so that you can win, worlds or no. There is more to do with a robot than compete. Teach, expand programs, or whatever.

(I guess just look beyond the scope of the next few years of VEX)

I’m sorry to say it, but we will not always be students competing. However, we can always learn more, and do more with what skills sets we have acquired.

This applies to home maintenance, raising a family, unclogging a toilet…you get the picture.


With the state championship, it really depends on your region. It is pretty likely that your state/regional championship will not be the same as it was last season. Event Partners may make a harsh limit to the amount of teams that can attend the State Championship (I’ve experienced this personally; in Northern California, tournaments are capped at 16 teams, and split into 2 divisions). They could also make it a live remote tournament, or even worse, just cancel it altogether. You can’t really tell for sure, even if you have a good idea of how COVID-19 is trending in your region. For example, California is on the brink of a shelter-in-place again, but we have not seen any cancellations of tournaments. My recommendation to you in the meantime is to attend any remote skills-only events, assuming you have the resources available to do such a thing (competition switch, field, and game elements). Typically you can attend these events regardless of your region; all it takes is joining a Zoom or WebEx call.

As for the World Championship, if you would like to see what RECF has planned, they have officially posted the event on RobotEvents and did an Event Partner Summit about the World Championship. Of course, COVID-19 may inevitably bring some limitations to their plans, but that is the best information we have right now.


I am in IQ where can I find that. Also I heard that the stem resesurch project gets you a spot at worlds. Also a lot of conturys are not allowing people to take planes so maybe most likely worlds maybe remorte. That could change becouse vaccine is comming out very soon.

I believe the Event Partner Summit covers both VEX IQ and VRC in the video. Here is the RobotEvents link for VEX IQ World Championship, though. Sorry about that.


Looks like this years worlds is so expensive. I hope they will decrease the price.

The price probably won’t get reduced because they already lost the revenue that they were going to make from worlds last year.

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Well if you look at the price $975, and compare it to the last applicable World Championship for IQ, the 2019 Worlds, you find that the cost has actually not been altered at all. It is the same.

I’m just going to say that I wouldn’t be surprised if RECF increased the price (I don’t want them to, I’m just saying). They will probably have less teams attending worlds and they have still rented an immense venue. If RECF decreased the price of attending worlds after the cancellation last year, they could suffer immense financial setbacks, possibly delaying the progress of robotics competitions or even driving them out of business, leaving VEX in poor shape.


Here in Taiwan, local schools and international schools have been wearing masks and holding in-person classes since March. We have been able to hold both IQ and VRC competitions face-to-face. Going to a qualifying event this weekend in Taipei. We plan to focus on the live-remote format after we get back from winter break in January.


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Not to sound blunt but if there is any official update on worlds, RECF will not just tell specific people, they will make a public announcement whether it be through the forums or email. Worlds is still roughly 1/3 of a year away, so it is wayyyy too soon to be judging things for the end of April when it is barely mid December.

Given that there aren’t really any super spreader events surrounding worlds with the exception of Easter to the extent of my knowledge, I do think that a fun world championship can be hosted safely.

The only thing we can do as community members is to stay optimistic and be patient. It’s not our place to remind the RECF that there is a global pandemic going on, I can guarantee that they are well aware of that.


Well it will be helpful if they told us how will worlds happen becouse we have state tests and worlds always falls on state tests for us.

Are you referring to school tests? If so then that’s your responsibility to deal with. The RECF and vex can’t make the worlds date convenient for everyone. Yes, worlds does end up during a time period where standardized testing and finals exams are relevant, but as a student committing to an EXTRA-curricular activity its your problem to deal with organizing your schedule to work our worlds.


No I am saying that if they can release the dates of worlds before hand it will be easier for my parents and my teammates parents.

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The dates have been publicly released for well over 6 months now :smiley:


You should check RoboticsEducation.org team section for critical information for teams - including Worlds.